The Inaugural 2018 panel of our dynamic spirits judges, is a group of highly decorated and extremely reputable individuals, with tremendous and diverse experience in all aspects of the wine industry.

The panel we have assembled perfectly fits the high level of quality and visibility that we wanted for our inaugural panel.
Each judge was thoroughly vetted before being selected to be a part of this elite group.

The judging process, itself, is conducted as a 100% blind tasting process from the early rounds all the way through the sweepstakes rounds.

An extensive amount of diverse and very specific wine categories has been created to assure that the entries are judged correctly.

As each entry is received, the supplier registers it initially. From there it is double checked by our staff and is catalogued in our system, and (if need be) put into its most appropriate sub-category. During the competition, all the Wines in their respective and specific sub-categories are sampled together as flights, carefully evaluated in all aspects, and scored numerically by each one of our spirits judges on that that flight.

The scoring ranges are:
Double Gold 96 – 100
Gold 91 – 95
Silver 86 – 90
Bronze 80 – 85

Each judge gives the wine a score. The judging group then totals up their scores to determine the average, and that average determines what medal a wine is awarded.
All wines that score 96 or better in the preliminary judging will move forward to the final day of sweepstakes where they will be reevaluated by the entire panel of judges to determine the Highest Awards in the competition, The Best of Show Categories

The Sweepstakes round to determine the Best of Show winners will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Medals will be awarded to all winners on Wednesday May 23rd.

A worldwide press release will be sent out announcing all the winners to coincide with the release of the June issue of Food & Beverage Magazine on June 1st. That announcement alone will be viewed by millions of people around the world in the industry as well as consumers in the public. In addition, also on June 1st, an entire Winners Section will be revealed on The Global Wine Awards Website, complete with images of the winners and all information about them.

Each winner will also receive a one of kind medal to celebrate their success with no restrictions on usage, as well as a complete digital media kits including multipole file format graphics and links to all press releases.

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